Holy shit I just need to keep this in mind next time I think about eating.

*85 lbs
Grades are getting low, the teens are getting high. That 12 year old is pregnant and her parents wonder why. A 1st grader is swearing, a 3rd grader has been raped. Just take a look around you, isn’t the system great? Who isn’t faded these days, teens are sending nudes, kids are getting beaten, the teachers see the bruises. No calls for help are spoken, teens are smoking weed, young girls are cutting, this isn’t what we need. The marks of taunt and yelling, parents are divorced. That 14 year old is drinking beer, this can’t get any worse. A little girl has killed herself, nobody seems to care. Another kid has been expelled for a stupid dare. But it needs to change. Our world is officially broken. It’s time to take a stand, your thoughts need to be spoken.





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  • Carly: What are those? (pointing to my scars on my wrist)
  • Me: They're battle scars.
  • Anna: Cool! Can I have some?
  • Me: Please don't ever get some okay? But when you see someone with them like the ones I have on their wrists go hug them. Don't ever make fun of them okay?
  • As we're walking around Wal Mart with both of them holding my hands, a young girl walks by us. Carly and Anna go and hug her. She hugs these two adorable little girls back
  • Girl: Why are you hugging me?
  • Carly: You have battle scars. *points to her wrists*
  • And through her tears she looks up at me and smiles.
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